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Selected Political Science E-Books

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Electoral Campaigns, Media, and the New World of Digital Politics (Published in 2022) - According to the ebook's description, this ebook answers several questions, such as "how do candidates/parties reach audiences?" and "how do they cope with the speed of media reporting in a continuous news cycle that demands instantaneous responses?" 

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The Obama Victory: How Media, Money, and Message Shaped the 2008 Election (Published in 2010) - This ebook contains information about the 2008 presidential election and factors that affected it.

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Pursuit of Unity: A Political History of the American South (Published in 2009) - In this ebook, MIchael Perman discusses the topics of political culture and political parties in the southern U.S. states during the 19th and 20th centuries.

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J 1-981                                   General Legislative and Executive Papers

JA 1-92                                   Political Science - General

JC 11-605                              Political Theory - The State

JF 20 - JQ 6651                    Political Institutions and Public Administration

JS 39-8500                            Local Government

JV 1-9480                               Colonies and Colonization

JX 1 - JZ 6530                       International Law and Relations



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Selected Political Science General Collection Books


The American Presidency: Origins and Development, 1776 - 2007 [JK 511 .M56 2008] - This book covers the history of the U.S. presidents and their presidencies. It also discusses executive power and Constitutional history.

Democracy, Governance, and Economic Performance: Theory and Evidence [JC 423 .F395 2003] - In this book, the topics of democracy, politics, and related economic aspects are discussed.

Elections in America [H1 .A4 vol. 667] (2016) - This book discusses various topics such as political parties and campaigns in the United States, and past presidential elections.

Polarizing Polities: A Global Threat to Democracy [H1 .A4 vol. 681] (2019) - This book discusses political culture in the United States, polarization, political participation, and other topics.

A Republic of Men: The American Founders, Gendered Language, and Patriarchal Politics [JK 54 .K26 1998] - This book covers several topics which are related to the United States in the 18th century. Topics covered include political culture, political science, men, patriarchy, and sex and social roles.

A Republic Under Assault: The Left's Ongoing Attack on American Freedom [E 912 .F494 2020] - In this book, the author discusses things that threaten democracy here in the U.S., such as voter fraud and illegal immigration.

Wars of Position: The Cultural Politics of Left and Right [JA 75.7 .B74 2006] - In this book, Timothy Brennan discusses the topics of political cuture, political aspects of the humanities, and conservatism in the United States. Also, Brennan discusses the left and right sides of the political spectrum.

Selected Political Science Reference Books


The Almanac of American Politics [JK1012 .A45 Ref, various years from 1972 to 2008] – provides articles which contain information pertaining to all 50 states of the United States. Information includes state histories and career biographies of governors, senators, and representatives. State maps of congressional district boundaries are also included in articles.

American Political Scientists: A Dictionary [JA61 .A525 1993 Ref] contains biographical articles of 171 scholarly political scientists who contributed significantly to the discipline. The time period covered begins in the late nineteenth century and continues to around 1970. In addition to biographical information, articles include bibliographies, which contain selected works and works about the political scientists when applicable.

CQ Researcher [H35 .E35 1991 - 2018 Ref, Index Table 1] - In this resource, you'll find articles about political and social issues in the U.S. and throughout the world. Also, all issues of CQ Researcher published after 2018 are available online in the CQ Researcher database.

CQ (Formerly CQ Weekly) [JK1 .C67 1980 - 2020 Ref] - These weekly magazine issues cover governmental, social, financial, industrial, and other topics. The January 1980 - March 2020 issues of CQ are available in print in the reference book collection.

Encyclopedia of American Parties, Campaigns, and Elections [JK9 .B56 1999 Ref] includes brief articles pertaining to political issues, events, and individuals who have served in political positions. Examples of topics include bandwagon effect, congressional elections and James Madison. Articles range from one to two paragraphs.

Encyclopedia of Human Rights [JC571 .E67 1996 Ref] contains articles covering regional, national, and international activities which occurred for the promotion of human rights between 1945 and 1996. Topics covered include freedom of thought, minorities’ rights and many others. Articles generally range from three to fifteen pages in length.

Guide to U.S. Elections [JK1967 .C662 2010 Ref, 2 volumes] – provides information regarding U.S. elections, conventions, and parties. Historical information is included.

Safire’s Political Dictionary [JK9 .S2 2008 Ref] – provides definitions and other information for various political terms, such as “bread-and-butter issue” and “crossover vote.” Entries generally range from a few paragraphs to a few pages.



The Europa World Year Book [JN1 .E85 2020 Ready Ref, 3 volumes] – contains chapters pertaining to countries of the world. Chapters are arranged alphabetically by country and contain historical information, government directory information, and statistical data pertaining to population, area, labor, finance and other topics. Articles typically range in length from 10 to 30 pages. Volume 1 also covers international organizations.

The Penguin Dictionary of International Relations [JZ1161 .E94 1998 Ref] – includes articles which define and discuss international relations topics, such as fascism and international order. Articles range from one paragraph to a few pages.

Political Handbook of the World [JF37 .P6 Ref, 1980-2002; 2005-2008] – contains thorough articles with information about countries of the world and their governments. Intergovernmental organizations also included.

The Statesman’s Yearbook [JA51 .S7 1978-2010 Ref] – provides information pertaining to international organizations and countries throughout the world. Articles covering organizations include historical, financial, and other information. Articles covering countries each include a map and provide historical, demographic, governmental, economic and other information. The length of articles ranges from a few pages to 50 pages.

World Encyclopedia of Parliaments and Legislatures [JF 511 .W67 1998 Ref, 2 volumes] - contains articles which provide information pertaining to the countries of the world. Information in articles includes the date of independence, form of government, elections, governmental operations and other information. Articles vary in length, as some may be a few pages while others are 10 to 15 pages long. Some articles also include maps.



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