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Sociology: Books

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Selected Sociology E-Books

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The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America (Published in 2018) - This ebook discusses the topics of equality, the poor in U.S. cities, urban renewal in the U.S., and urban sociology in the U.S.

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Fifty Key Sociologists: The Formative Theorists (Published in 2007) - This ebook provides biographical entries about sociologists from the 19th century, such as Jane Addams and Emile Durkheim.

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Rural Quality of Life (Published in 2023) - The authors of this ebook provide answers to questions such as "Is quality of life better in the rural areas?" and "How and under which circumstances is that the case?" Also, they discuss the topics of those questions. 

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HM 435-1281                      Sociology

HM 435-477                       History of sociology

HM 481-554                       Theory. Method

HM 621-656                       Culture

HM 661-696                       Social control

HM 701                              Social systems

HM 706                              Social structure

HM 711-806                       Groups and organizations

HM 811-821                       Deviant behavior

HM 826                              Social institutions

HM 831-901                        Social change

HM 1001-1281                    Social psychology

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Selected Sociology General Collection Books


The Great Inversion and the Future of the American City [HT 123 .E37 2012] - This book provides case studies about cities and towns throughout the United States. The case studies are relevant to various topics, such as urban sociology and gentrification.

Racial Diversity and Social Capital: Equality and Community in America [HN 59.2 .H474 2007] - In this book, many sociology-related topics are discussed, some of which include cultural pluralism, minorities, and social capital.

The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology [HM 586 .F48 2020] - This book can help students learn about sociology. According to the abstract, the book "uses examples from everyday life and pop culture to help students think sociologically and learn the relevance of sociology." 

Reconsidering the Urban Disadvantaged: The Role of Systems, Institutions, and Organizations [H1 .A4 vol. 647] (2013) - This book discusses several social issues in the United States, such as poor people in urban areas, services for those people, people with social disabilities, and community organization.

Selected Sociology Reference Books


The Basics of Sociology [HM585 .S77 2005 Ref] – provides information on sociology, the history of sociology, and other topics.

The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology [HM425 .B53 2007 Ref, 11 volumes] – provides encyclopedic entries pertaining to sociological topics

A Comprehensive Dictionary of Sociology [HM 425 .S56 2021 Ref, 2 volumes] - provides definitions for many sociology-related terms.

Encyclopedia of Social History [HN28 .E53 1994 Ref] contains 457 articles on groups, behaviors and ideas from the earliest civilizations to the present with an index of general concepts, people, events, and institutions.

Encyclopedia of Social Theory [HM425 .E47 2005 Ref, 2 volumes] – discusses many different social theories, such as enlightenment and Marxist theory.

Encyclopedia of Sociology [HM425 .E5 2000 Ref, 5 volumes]gives summaries of sociological concepts, theory, and areas of scholarly investigation across the discipline.

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family [HQ9 .E52 2003 Ref, 4 volumes] – provides thorough articles pertaining to family topics and issues, such as child custody and motherhood.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Social History [HN57 .O94 2012 Ref, 2 volumes] - covers the topics of social history and social conditions in the U.S.


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