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World Literature: Books

A guide to finding information in Roberts-LaForge Library!

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Catalog Search Tips

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If you need a book about world literature, search our online catalog.

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If you are browsing for a book, use the call numbers below as a guide.

World Literature

PG 2900-3698           Russian                                                          

PG 8001-9665           Baltic and Albanian                                     

PJ  5001-5060           Hebrew                                                           

PJ 6001-8517            Arabic                                                             

PK 6400-6599.7        Indo-Iranian                                                   

PL 700-899                Japanese                                                       

PL 950-998                Korean                                                            

PL 2250-3208            Chinese                                                         

PL 8009.5-8014         African                                                            

PQ 1-3999                 French                                                            

PQ 4001-5999           Italian                                                              

PQ 6001-8929           Spanish                                                          

PT 1-4897                  German                                                          

PT 5001-5980            Dutch                                                              

PT 7001-7099            Scandinavian                                                

PT 7601-9155            Danish and Norwegian                                        

PT 9201-9999            Swedish                                                         

Selected Books from the Catalog

Search our catalog here or check out these books about world literature.

Selected Reference Books

Search our catalog here or check out these reference and other books on world literature.


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