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Biology: Books

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Selected Biology E-Books

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Laboratory Techniques in Cellular and Molecular Medicine (Published in 2021) - This 52-chapter e-book discusses the research and laboratory work of some scientists in the areas of cellular and molecular medicine.

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The Organic Codes: An Introduction to Semantic Biology (Published in 2003) - In this ebook, several biological topics are covered, some of which include life sciences, the philosophy of biology, evolution, and developmental biology.

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The Structure of Biological Membranes (Published in 2012) - This ebook covers the topics of life sciences, cell biology, membranes, and the proteins and lipids of membranes.

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QH 301-705.5                       Biology (General)

QH 359-425                          Evolution

QH 426-470                          Genetics

QH 471-489                          Reproduction

QH 501-531                          Life

QH 540-549.5                       Ecology

QH 573-671                          Cytology

QH 705-705.5                       Economic Biology

QK 1-989                               Botany

QL 1-991                               Zoology

QM 1-695                              Human Anatomy

QP 1-981                               Physiology

QR 1-502                               Microbiology

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Selected Biology General Collection Books


Evolutionary Biology: Conceptual, Ethical, and Religious Issues [QH 331 .E87 2014] - In this book, the philosophies of biology and evolution are discussed.

Life: An Introduction to Complex Systems Biology [QH 313 .K36 2006] - This book covers the topics of molecular biology, cytology, biological systems, and life.

Textbook of Structural Biology [QP 551 .L55 2017] - This book covers topics such as the structures of proteins and biomolecules, ultrastructure, and protein folding.

Urban Wildlife Management [QH 541.5 .C6 A33 2010] - In this book, several wildlife management topics are discussed, some of which include changes in the profession, ecological factors, and urban green spaces.

Where the Wild Things Were: Life, Death, and Ecological Wreckage in a Land of Vanishing Predators [QL 758 .S746 2008] - In this book, the author William Stolzenburg discusses the disappearance of some of the world's predator animals and the effects of their disappearances.



Selected Biology Reference Books


The Basics of Biology [QH 307.2 .S75 2004 Ref] – contains information about biological topics such as cells, genetics, and organs.

The Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology and Evolution [QP 34.5 .M24 2005 Ref] – provides definitions of various biological terms such as “genome mutation."

A Dictionary of Biology [QH 302.5 .D54 2019 Ref] - provides definitions for many biology-related topics. Illustrations are included for some topics.

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition [QP 141 .E526 2005 Ref, 4 volumes] – provides thorough articles on topics such as “ascorbic acid” and “carbohydrates.”

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Genetics, Genomics, and Proteomics [QH 427 .R43 2003 Ref] – contains information pertaining to various topics, such as mitosis. Entries vary in length.

Gray’s Anatomy [QM 23.2 .G73 2008 Ref] – A comprehensive resource which covers the aspects of the human body in 85 chapters. Articles are brief in length but in depth in their descriptions. Illustrations include tables, diagrams and photographs, both black and white and color. Available in the ready reference collection.

Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia [QL 7 .G7813 2003 Ref, 17 volumes] – This comprehensive, multi-volume encyclopedia contains information pertaining to several types of animals, such as insects, fishes, amphibians, and mammals.

Mabberley’s Plant-Book: A Portable Dictionary of Plants, Their Classification and Uses [QK 11 .M29 2008 Ref] – contains over 24,000 entries which provide information on plants. Common and scientific names of plants are included.

Magill’s Encyclopedia of Science: Plant Life [QK 7 .M34 2003 Ref, 4 volumes] – contains thorough articles on botany-related topics, such as “Australian flora.”


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