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Turn-it-in Frequently Asked Questions: Home

The best place to start for difficulty with using Turn-it-in!

Faculty Contact

C.T. Salazar

Reference & Instructional Services Librarian


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a turn-it-in account through Delta State University?

            By filling out this form:


Do my students need a turn-it-in account?

Turn-It-In is now integrated into Canvas assignments, so students no longer need an account of their own.


How do I integrate turn-it-in into my Canvas assignments?

Go to the Assignment you need turn-it-in for, and select“Edit.” Scroll to the “Submission Type” box and select the dropdown. On the dropdown items, select “External Tool.” Select “Find” and scroll to select “TurnitinLTI.”


My Turn-it-in profile is not syncing with my Canvas profile

Verify that your Canvas profile name matches your registration name in the Turn-it-in account approval email. Also verify that your primary email in Canvas is your DSU faculty email.


My assignment in Canvas is showing an “re: incorrect date” error when I attempt to save it with Turn-it-in

Turn-it-in saves all of your previous assignments indefinitely. If you are renewing course shells, you will need to alter the assignment title so Turn-it-in doesn’t try to log it with past assignments and classes. I.e. “Paper 1” should become “Paper 1_Fall23”


What devices can I grade on when using Turn-it-in?

A desktop computer or laptop is recommended. Turn-it-in doesn’t sync to Canvas properly when grading on an Ipad or any other tablet or mobile device.


For further questions, email C.T. Salazar at