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African American and African Studies: Books

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County and City Data Book [HA 202 .A36 Year Ref] – Compiled from several federal agencies, this source contains county and city-level statistics on a number of subject areas. Contains recent data from Census 2000 and the 1997 Economic Census. Also online at

Datapedia of the United States: 1790-2005 [HA202 .K87 2001 Ref] – Offers broad overview of statistics, combining parts of the Historical Statistics of the United States with contemporary data from Statistical Abstracts.

Historical Statistics of the United States: Earliest Times to the Present [HA202 .H57 Ref, 5 volumes] – Contains statistics in areas of labor, population, economy, society, and agriculture. An annotated bibliography of all consulted sources is at the beginning of each section. The Reference Department also holds the bicentennial edition of this work.

Statistical Abstracts of the United States [HA202 .U5 1964, 71, 76-present Ref] – First place to look for statistics. Published annually by the Census Bureau, Statistical Abstracts contains over 1500 tables of statistics gathered from all agencies and other organizations. Source information is provided at the bottom of each table for further study. Available online at

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The call numbers for African American history and Africa history are listed below. Specific subjects such as African art or literature are normally shelved with other books on art or literature. Please consult the  online catalog   when looking for a book on a specific topic or person.

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DT1 - DT3415  History of Africa E 660-738      Late Nineteenth Century

E 11-143       America

E 740-837      Twentieth Century

E 75-99         North American Indians

E 784-805      The Twenties (Harding-Coolidge Era)

E 101-135     Discovery of America

E 838-887      Later Twentieth Century, 1961-
E184.5 - E185.98   African Americans  F 1-975          United States Local History

E 151-887     United States

F 336-350      Mississippi History

E 300-453     Revolution to Civil War


E 456-655     Civil War Period, 1861-1865




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Biographies and Indexes

American National Biography [CT213 .A68 1999 Ref, 24 volumes, Index Table 2] – Profiles 17,500 historical figures from the earliest recorded European explorations up to the recent past.

The National Cyclopedia of American Biography (Permanent Series) [E 176 .N28 Ref] – Extensive biographies of deceased Americans from all walks of life: businessmen, politicians, educators, writers, etc. Illustrations and signatures accompany most entries. One of the largest collections of biographies available in Roberts-LaForge Library.

AHA Guide to Historical Literature [Z 6201 .A55 1995 2 vols. Ref] – Comprehensive annotated bibliography of all pertinent books and articles on every conceivable field of history. Sections 39-44 focus on United States history.

America: History and Life (1970-1998) – Article abstracts and citations of reviews and dissertations covering the United States and Canada from discovery to present day. The index is divided into six sections: North America, Canada, United States of America (to 1945), United States of America (to present), U.S. Regional, State, and Local History, and History, the Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly Journals 1886-1974 [Index Table 6] – Arranged alphabetically by author. Title volumes are available as well.

Combined Retrospective Index to Journals in History 1838-1974 [Index Counter] – Indexes nearly 1,000 journals. Each major subject is divided into subtopics. Articles under each subtopic are arranged by keyword. Great for finding older articles not available through the databases. 

Harvard Guide to American History [Z 1236 .F77 1974 2 vols. Ref] – A standard in the field, this exhaustive guide provides annotations for sources arranged in 56 categories.

Humanities Index  (1974-1997) – Index of articles, interviews, bibliographies, and book reviews on all areas of the humanities including music, art, philosophy, and history.


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