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Fake News: A Guide for Delta State University Students: Home

This LibGuide provides information about fake news and evaluating news articles and other resources. It also provides links to fact checking websites and resources in which true news can be found.


Welcome to  "Fake News: A Guide for Delta State University Students." In this guide, you can learn about fake news and find other helpful information. Click the "Fake News Q & A" tab to find answers to questions about fake news, such as "What is fake news?." If you want to find out how to evaluate news stories, click the "Evaluation" tab. For information about and access to fact-checking websites and fake news-related infographics, click the "Fact-Checking Websites and Infographics" tab. Lastly, you can click on the "How to Find True News" link to access databases and some newspaper and news media websites.

If you have any questions about this guide, contact Michael Mounce at (662)846-4457 or MIchael Mounce is the Reference, Government Documents and Instructional Services Librarian at Delta State University.

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Printable Fake News Guide

Click the link below to access the printable Fake News guide.

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