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Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Students: Information for Dual Credit Instructors

Welcome to the DSU Library Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Research Guide!

Information for Dual Credit Instructors

  • Dual credit instructors shall be adjunct faculty of DSU and must meet the requirements set forth by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).
    • Delta State University has the sole authority in the selection of dual credit instructors. Therefore, no expectation of teaching a course at DSU is extended until the Chief Academic Officer has approved the selection to teach using the regular certification of credentials process used at DSU.


  • Dual credit instructors will be under the supervision of DSU, and the academic department in particular, for the purposes of establishing the course content, student learning outcomes, and evaluation of the dual credit faculty.
    • DSU will provide faculty orientation, supervision, and evaluation. Should the evaluation of a dual credit instructor fall below acceptable DSU standards, the school superintendent will be notified of a plan of corrective action or removal of the instructor as an approved dual credit instructor.


  • Dual credit teachers are paid $67.50 per student with classes of 9 or fewer students
    • Teachers with 10 or more enrolled are paid $675 per course.


  1. Use DSU-approved course syllabus and applicable course materials in all Dual Credit courses to ensure alignment with DSU program and student learning outcomes, the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC)
  2. Submit attendance, mid-term, and final grades through DSU Online
  3. All dual credit courses will follow the DSU academic calendar, with final grades due when on-campus grades are due.
    • That calendar can be found here.
  4. Confirm students submitted online course
  5. Submit Withdrawal Forms by the posted deadline on the DSU academic calendar for each student withdrawing from a course/s.


Enrollment verification

In order to be compliant with the federal Department of Education, DSU must report enrollment status accurately and report any enrollment changes within 30-60 days of the change.  In order to keep us in compliance, please do the following regularly the first few weeks after students are registered for your class at DSU to verify enrollment records are correct:

• Check your roster in myDSU Online against teacher/school records to ensure all students are registered that should be registered and that no students are registered that should not be registered.  Communicate any discrepancies in registration to and cc

• Check your roster in myDSU Online against the roster in Canvas to ensure all students are on the roster.  Sometimes there are technical issues, and not all students are on the Canvas roster.  Communicate any issues to and cc and

Enrollment Status Change

It is important to alert DSU of any changes in enrollment as soon as possible.  Please see the deadlines for the last day for students/schools to add, drop or withdraw from a course.  

Adding a Class – All adds must be done by the day class rosters are due to DSU.  If you notice a student is missing from your roster in myDSU Online services or Canvas, contact DSU as indicated above as soon as possible to address the issue.

Dropping a Class – Once registered, if a student wants to drop a class before the last day to drop, an email should be sent to  and cc

Course Withdrawal - If a student misses a large number of classes or has a substantial amount of work past due, the best solution is for the student to withdraw from the college course.  A student may also withdraw for any reason if they choose to do so.  

Dual Credit Course Withdrawal forms can be found on the Registrar’s Office website / Forms and Policies, see the direct link under Forms.

Attendance Records

All faculty at DSU are required to track attendance.  It is important for you to track attendance as you are required to enter the last date of attendance for any student that withdraws or receives an F or Incomplete. 


For the complete list of forms, policies, and resources, please visit the Registrar's Office.

Also, be aware that all forms will be circulated and processed remotely/online.



Incomplete Grades

A grade of I is only to be used if a student misses the final exam or is unable to complete a small amount of the coursework at the end of the semester.  It is not to be used if a student has a large number of absences and/or has a substantial amount of coursework due.  If a student misses a large number of classes and/or has a substantial amount of unfinished coursework, the student should withdraw from the course.  If you assign an I grade, the student has until the end of the next regular term (fall or spring) to complete the work.  You must submit a grade change in order to change the grade of I.  If you do not submit a grade change, the I will convert to an F at the end of the next regular term.  You must send the grade change to your department chair at DSU. 

Grade Submission

With respect to midterm grades, it is important they be submitted on time so the students have time to withdraw from the course before the withdrawal deadline.  With respect to final grades, it is critical that the grades be submitted on time as we have a very tight deadline for compliance reporting and for processing our graduates each term,  Please ensure you can log in to submit grades before grades are due so that you can address any technical issues before the deadline.

If you have technical issues submitting grades, please send an email to and cc so they are aware of the issue.  You may also call the helpdesk at 662-846-4444.  If you have any questions regarding any of the information above, please feel free to contact