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Career Development: Cover Letters, Resumes, and Interviewing

Guide to Career Resources


The more attention you give the resume and cover letter process, the better your chances will be at landing the job you want. After all, these documents are the very first impression prospective employers have of you, so it is vital you put as much thought as possible into their creation. Similarly, interviewing is a learned skill that cannot be overlooked.  

The library has over 400 titles on these topics. Make a quick search of the catalog or talk with a reference librarian to learn how to access these valuable resources. Take a look at the Books section below for a few examples. Take note of the call number. Other books on resumes (or cover letters ... or interviewing) will be in the same general area. 

In addition to the library's physical collection, there are numerous web sites devoted to these topics.


Web Sites

  • Monster Interview Center This site offers free interview advice covering preparing for the interview, behavior at the interview, and tips for following up on an interview.  There is also an interactive section that contains sample interview questions, for different professions, with multiple choice answers and feedback on the different responses. Use the other links on this site to access information on resumes and cover letters.

While Monster is definitely a "monster" in the job world, you can find this kind of information on sites such as Resumagic or Resume Genius. Universities such as Harvard, Florida State, and of course, Delta State, also provide similar services.


  • 50 Winning Answers to Interview Questions [HF5549.5.I6 F54 Ref]
  • Best Resumes for College Students and New Grads: Jump-start Your Career [HF5383 .K867 2012 Ref]
  • Encyclopedia of Job-Winning Resumes [HF5383 .F77 Ref]
  • Fearless Resumes [HF5383 .S725 2010 eb] *
  • Gallery of Best Cover Letters [HF 5383 .N618 2004 Ref]
  • Gallery of Best Resumes [HF 5383 .N62 2004 Ref]
  • The Perfect Cover Letter [HF5383 .B325]

* "eb" refers to electronic books which are DSU only.