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Career Development: Job Sites

Guide to Career Resources

Web Sites

  • Federal Jobs – The federal government’s official job site. Search by keyword, geographic location, or agency.
  • Mississippi Employment Security Commission – Web site for the state agency responsible for compiling labor statistics, as well as job listings for the state. To find information on the state of labor and the job market in Mississippi, visit the Labor Market Information section found in the Information Center. Includes reports, statistics, projections, and other data.
  • Mississippi State Personnel Board - Mississippi's official source for jobs in state government.
  • - Truly, a monster of a site. In addition to pages of career advice, Monster provides a place for job seekers to upload their resume and look for careers by location, job type, or company.
  • ZipRecruiter - ZipRecruiter's job search matches users' experience, skills, and interests with only the most relevant job openings.

To find job sites or job ads specific to your field, please become familiar with relevant organizations and associations. For example, those interested in librarianship should visit the American Library Association page, for psychologists, the American Psychological Association, etc. 

Locating web sites for specific institutions or organizations is probably the best and most direct way of finding job openings or information. For example, if you were interested in becoming a teacher in Mississippi, the following page listing job vacancies would be helpful: Mississippi Department of Education, Teacher Center.