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Career Development: College Majors

Guide to Career Resources

Web Sites

  • What can I do with a Major in ...  – This site provides a list of different majors with a short description of each.  The site also provides related job titles, major skills, and related websites for most majors.

Most colleges and universities offer similar resources. At Delta State, you can find it at; however, you must be a registered Statesmen Connect user to access What Can I Do With My Major? resource. For more information, please visit DSU's Career Services department on the third floor of the Union. 


  • 10 Best College Majors for Your Personality [LB2361.5 .S528 2008 eb]* – Provides information on over 90 college majors. Matches 45 majors to six different personality types.
  • College Blue Book [LA 226 .C685 Ref] – Provides narrative descriptions of US universities and colleges. A separate volume lists degrees offered by college and major.
  • Guide to College Majors: Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Right Major [LB2361 .G85 2004 Ref] - Provides vocational guidance to college students. 

* "eb" refers to electronic books which are DSU only.